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Item 13: An African Food Podcast
Episode 003: Getting Customer Experience Right with Maureen Atebawone | Bawoni Consult
May 29, 2018 esSense 13
Maureen Atebawone, a customer experience specialist, is the founder of Bawoni Consult. After studying in Ghana and Canada, respectively, she made the permanent move to Ghana in 2015 and decided to set up her consultancy to address the rampant lack of service quality in Ghana's hospitality industry.

With a focus on Food & Beverage and Lodging businesses within the hospitality industry, Bawoni Consult focuses primarily on providing operational consulting and resources to SMEs within the industry.

She spends her free time exploring Ghana's beaches, exploring wellness and self-care and working on her passion project, Mystery Diner Ghana - an online platform where consumers can anonymously review restaurants in Ghana.

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Heard some unfamiliar words on the show? Here’s a quick guide!

Dumsor/dum sɔ : "off and on", is a popular Ghanaian term used to describe persistent, irregular and unpredictable electric power outages.

Yoruba : West African language, also ethnic group primarily found in Nigeria.

Waakye : Ghanaian dish of rice and black-eyed peas (beans), similar to Carribean rice and peas.

Naija : slang term for Nigeria

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