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Item 13: An African Food Podcast
Episode 006: Nomadic Dining with Chef Fatmata Binta | Fulani Kitchen
June 26, 2018 esSense 13
Promoting “Fulani Cuisine to the World”, Fatmata Binta was born and raised in Freetown, Sierra Leone to first-generation Sierra Leonean Fulanis of Guinean descent. She describes herself as the Fulani Chef, a classic nomad. She has traveled to several continents and has worked with many African chefs. Chef Binta has also been featured on several TV shows and media outlets across the African continent. She is now based in Accra, Ghana where she is building a rich culinary experience through her Fulani traditional dining pop ups. Her vision is to promote Fulani culture through food, bring people closer and to promote African cuisine to the world. Find Fulani Kitchen:

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