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Another Vacancy on the NJ Supreme Court plus (4) New Cases

February 26, 2022
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Another Vacancy on the NJ Supreme Court plus (4) New Cases
Show Notes

Justice Jaynee Lavecchia retired forever effective December 31, 2021. Senior App Div Judge Jose Fuentes is temporarily assigned to the NJ Supreme Court by Chief Justice Rabner.
Then Justice Faustino Fernandez-Vina retires because "constitutional senility"* or widely known as turning 70. Nominee Rachel Wainer Apter continues her long wait for  a political deal to be done in Trenton.

Plus (4) New Civil Cases

Meade v. Township of Livingston - LAD case permits claim in the case of discriminatory actions by a subordinate impacting termination of the Township manager

Glassman v. Friedel, et al - Comparative negligence damages to be apportioned by the jury in (2) steps and the aggregate award molded by the  trial judge

Cooper Hospital v. Selective Insurance - 150 auto accident victims continue in need of medical treatment from accidents that occurred prior to December 5, 1980 - Medicare is the primary payer and PIP carrier liable for co-pays and deductibles only

Stewart v. NJ Turnpike Authority - Tort Claims Act case. Trial counsel and judges should not entertain new factual theories post-discovery at oral argument. No recovery for injured motorcyclists. Roadway contractors protected from liability on the grounds of derivative immunity.
* Justice Daniel O'Hern