The NVR Podcast

NVR Podcast season 3, episode #5 - How can NVR be adapted for Situational Mutism

August 02, 2023 Season 3 Episode 5
The NVR Podcast
NVR Podcast season 3, episode #5 - How can NVR be adapted for Situational Mutism
Show Notes

In this podcast, Shila Desai and Peter Jakob explore the difficult impact of situational mutism, social withdrawal and shutdown faced by parents and carers when young people are no longer engaging with the world. The conversation explores the needs of young people and their withdrawal being situated within an attempt to find a solution. Peter and Shila explore how resistance by parents and a caring community can bring back life energy, the ability to persevere and to invite dialogue again. Some personal anecdotes are shared which we hope you enjoy.

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